About the Show

The Something to Say Radio Show is on every week day at 6pm. Hosted by B.J. Rust & Rudy Cecchini.   These guys bring an entertaining & independent approach to pointing out what’s happening in the news. Whether it’s sports, politics, local events or music, no subject is off limits!

A little about B.J… Attended Lewis & Clark College in Godfrey, IL for Radio Broadcasting. A former singer & lyricist in Rock and Punk bands, B.J. brings that passion of music to the show. Originally from the St. Louis area, B.J. moved to New Orleans in October of 2016 because of his love of the city of New Orleans. B.J. also loves talking sports, especially his favorite teams, The New Orleans Saints, Pelicans, St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues.

A little about Rudy…He is a husband and father of two girls. He is also from the St. Louis area where he and B.J. became friends in Kindergarten. Like B.J., Rudy grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan and also enjoys the Pittsburgh Steelers & New Orleans Saints. He also is a music lover and enjoys everything from the hair metal of 80s to the Grunge of the 90s to rap and hip hop.